History of Seekatz Opera House

historical view of seekatz opera house

In the early 1900's brothers Louis and Otto Seekatz constructed Seekatz Opera House in New Braunfels, Texas on San Antonio Street. Seekatz played host to the many various forms of traveling entertainment at that time including opera. Due to the popularity of these events Seekatz Opera House quickly became the center of entertainment and social activity in New Braunfels. For operas and theater productions, and later motion pictures, seating took place on the main floor while the balconies were packed with spectators and food and beverages were served from the dining room and kitchen housed in the basement.

Due to it's beauty and spaciousness Seekatz Opera House also thrived with local events throughout the year including many Fourth of July Celebration Dances, New Year's Eve Fireman’s Balls, Kindermaskenballs and New Braunfels' seventy-fifth anniversary celebration concerts in 1920. Later, the Candy Kitchen, a popular place for young people to gather, was moved in to the lobby bar of the Opera House and was sold to the operator there in 1937. Seekatz Opera House remained the premier event venue and meeting and production center in New Braunfels until it was tragically destroyed by fire on January 21, 1941.

Seekatz was later rebuilt and after being many things and undergoing many renovations over the years in 2004 underwent the first full renovation since it's reconstruction after the 1941 fire. Today, Seekatz Opera House is more beautiful than ever both inside and out. The building has been fully restored for it's intended use and can again host your wedding reception, wedding ceremony, social gathering, business meeting or other special event with the elegance and modern amenities you desire.

While preserving as much of the original building as possible, including the incredible wooden floors, Seekatz Opera House now houses audio, video and food handling equipment like it has never seen before. Guests enjoy the luxury of experiencing a truly authentic piece of New Braunfels history while being surrounded by over 1000 watts of digitally processed sound flowing through some twenty plus speakers complimented by a 180 inch drop down high-definition projection screen.

Seekatz Opera House has become a premier Texas wedding venue hosting countless wedding receptions and a number of wedding ceremonies over the decade since it was renovated to serve as New Braunfels' premium special event center. Seekatz also hosts weekly meetings and luncheons as well as charity events and municipal and corporate presentations. Seekatz Opera House is truly a unique and intimate event center for a few of your friends or over 500 depending on your needs.

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